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We're mini studio from Czech Republic which contains two members. The main programmer is me, Hanuš Arsim Šubrt (18years old youngster). The second member is Gedeon Drapák. He's targeting on graphics and marketing campaings. Back into 2015 we have released unpopular game called 'Game Mashup'. Now we're releasing game called 'Nejfake Run' which is about an Czech youtuber celebrity.

Idk how Gedeon but I'm planning to move from 2d game making to 3d game making. Well , nobody knows what will happen. Maybe I'll get hitted by a bus while going to my brilliant school and no 3d game from us will be released lmao. So keep updated and if you want to send me some nudes or offers for our studio, use form bellow lol. Keep in mind, we are not selling drugs, we are just small game studio ran by two teenager nerds

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